Things you need to pay attention to in dealing with water pressure problems

Low Water Pressure Strategies

When the plumbing system in a home has low water pressure, most faucets and fixtures won’t operate or function properly. If you understand the most common signs and symptoms, you can resolve simple water pressure problems before they dramatically impact your plumbing system.

Situations That Slow Down Water Flow

All plumbing systems have pipes that can hold different types of debris. As debris builds up in narrow nooks and crannies, water begins to move slower through pipes. The level of contaminates that builds up on pipes will vary depending on the type of water that enters the plumbing system. Typically, in communities where hard water is found, severe water pressure problems happen regularly since this type of water leaves mineral deposits on pipes. Fixture Problems

Low water pressure can affect specific fixtures in a bathroom or kitchen. In most cases, you can restore the normal pressure during these situations by implementing proper maintenance procedures to replace a defective plumbing component. For example, whenever a faucet doesn’t run water quickly, a clogged or damaged aerator could be causing the problem. You can dissolve a clog by using a vinegar and water cleaning solution. If an aerator is damaged, you’ll need to replace it with new hardware. Tools Needed for Maintenance Tasks

If you’re going to tackle general maintenance projects that involve pipes in order to restore water pressure, you need a few common tools. The main items include

  • Pliers
  • A pipe wrench
  • A hacksaw
  • A tubing cutter

During these jobs, you’ll need to tighten, repair, or replace old pipes that leak. If you need professional help along the way, plumbers in Rowan County NC can help.

Water pressure can impact the speed that water travels through pipes and out of faucets. When a plumbing system doesn’t have performance problems, the process of maintaining a reasonable water bill is easier.


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