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How to Survive Your Child’s Changing Sleeping Pattern

with a new child in your life,you are most likely going to be introduced to a new world where there is a lot of worry. Sleeping patterns is perhaps one of the major changes you will have to adjust to. During the infancy stage of a child, you will be lucky if you get three hours of solid sleep. Unless they wake you up, you are bound to get more than three hours of sleep. The independent stage is where the pattern sets in and the glorious stage where you hope to get your sleeping pattern back and get it down to a science.

At infancy stage, the sleep pattern may be dependent on how you feed your baby. While the decision to breast feed is personal, it has a few benefits to it. You get to burn more calories and baby fat when you breastfeed. Breastfeeding also passes on important nutrients to children. A babys immunity is strengthened when they breast feed. The time spent breast feeding is also a very intimate time between the mother and the child and it helps them bond.
Some mothers however do not have sufficient amounts of milk and they cannot breast feed. You can still opt to use formula even if you breast feed. Whatever you decide you will find that there is a distinct sleeping pattern based on how you feed your baby.

If you are breastfeeding, you may not get more than three hours of sleep since you have to wake up from time to time to feed your baby. If you can monitor the times then you can get a rhythm that works for you.

Those that use formula milk have a three-hour grace period before the child wakes up provided their diaper is dry. Such timings can influence how you plan around your time.

When your child is around two, they can walk about. The toddler stage is also marked with the transition from the crib to the bed. This stage has a mixture of emotions that a mother cannot express. To get your child to sleep, you may have to cuddle them before you go back to your bedroom.

Brave kids go looking for their parents while the less brave ones call out for their parents in the middle of the night but you are guaranteed more than three hours of sleep.

When they become independent and start going to kindergarten your sleep pattern will go back to normal. At this stage, kids are more familiar with their sleeping pattern, know when to sleep and are used to their bedrooms. Persevering through the sleepless nights is worth it now since you can reward yourself with a cup of coffee in the morning thanks to your normal sleep routine.


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