Shock Absorbing Casters Offer Stability and Mobility

Shock Absorbing Casters Offer Stability and Mobility
Shock absorbing spring loaded casters replace ordinary casters and cushion equipment motion by absorbing a portion of the load. The caster transmits vibration caused by movement into the spring to keep the equipment load stable. Swivel casters spin horizontally and enable a range of motion for the equipment load. Fixed casters support the equipment load and provide a stable platform. Most equipment loads use a combination of styles.


Swivel Casters Enable a Range of Motion
Shock absorbing swivel casters are usually mounted on the front of the equipment load with fixed casters mounted in the rear. This enables the load to be moved and rotated for easy positioning. When the equipment load is turned, the caster spins on its horizontal base to provide a smooth lateral motion. Swivel casters are mounted on a lever offset from the center of the mount in order to better transmit vibration and sudden shock into the spring mount. These spring loaded casters can be designed for light, medium or heavy loads. They are most often used in conjunction with fixed casters in order to provide both mobility and stability.


Fixed Casters Provide a Stabilty
Fixed casters do not spin on their mount. In order to turn, the equipment load must pivot on one caster. Fixed casters are always paired with swivel casters unless the equipment load is mounted on a track and does not need to turn. The wheel of a shock absorbing fixed caster is either directly underneath the mount or offset to the side. Springs mounted either directly against the wheel or on a lever absorb motion and vibration. Fixed casters are ideal for heavy loads but are designed for loads of any weight.


A Mobile, Stable Platform
Fixed and swivel casters are usually mounted in conjunction to provide both a range of motion and a stable platform. Shock absorbing spring loaded casters are used with all types of equipment loads to protect against incidental damage from movement. Fixed casters provide maximum stability and shock absorption while swivel casters enable the equipment to be easily moved.


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