Living room window blinds: what’s popular?

Usually you want your living room to look the best, because that’s the place the people you have coming over see the most. A good conversation starter could be: ,,Wow what beautiful window blinds you have!”. Don’t believe that’s possible? Have a look at what’s popular and think again.

Living room vertical blinds are a great choice for those, who appreciate classic choices and total privacy.

  • Vertical blinds are easily maintained, durable and can be changed individually if any damage is done.
  • They are great if you have big windows or glass doors.
  • Because of how much rotation they have, they can be adjusted not only to protect you from sunlight and strangers, but also let a little sunlight in and still keep the room light.
  • Easily customised.

Living room roller blinds are great if you love simplicity and aesthetics.

  • Roller blinds can keep the room light and bright even if they are completely shut.
  • Based on the color and design you choose, roller blinds can have a ,,TV” effect and feel – they can look like a screen, constantly displaying a beautiful landscape or portrait.
  • Are comfortable and easy to use, because of how precisely adjusted they can be.
  • Easily customised.

Both vertical and roller blinds are equally popular and easily customised. Window blinds have a large amount of designs to choose from. You can find blinds with pictures of people, animals, landscapes, city streets and much more. Graphic designs are also highly popular, because of how universal they can be. Doesn’t matter what interior or style you have, you’ll always be able to find what you want and what looks the best.

However, if you can’t seem to find the picture or pattern you want, you can always choose one by yourself and have completely customised window blinds. You can have blinds with a picture of your family, pet or just a picture you love or took yourself. There’s no limit when it comes to window blinds. Find what looks best for you and invite people over to admire your beautiful window blinds.


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