How to set up the Perfect Lighting in Your Home

When it comes to outdoor lighting, you have an endless number of options you can incorporate into your space. Not only is lighting functional and essential for backyard entertaining, your lights can also double as decorative accents during the day time. Here are some stylish outdoor light ideas that will help you spice up your backyard, deck, patio or screened-in porch.

In-ground solar lights have been a popular trend in lighting in recent years. While many homeowners enjoy lining a brick walkway or path in the front of their home with solar lights, they are also ideal for backyard use. One of the greatest advantages to purchasing solar lights is that they are low maintenance and cost effective. You do not need candles, batteries or an electrical outlet to charge or use them. The sun’s rays activate and charge the lights during the day, so you can can use them all night long. Place them out back around your pool or barbecue pit for added ambiance and glow.

Custom fire pits are another unique way to add extra light to your backyard. With a custom fire pit, you can have your family name or designs of your choice sketched out by an artist and have the metal fire pit designs transposed onto a fire pit of your choice. A professional metal cutter or welder can cut the design out. The roaring fire will peek through your design and impart a warm glow during backyard bonfires.

Strands of clear or colored party lights are arguably one of the most inexpensive ways to add some light and style to your screened-in porch or back deck. Not only are they festive, they also stay out of the way during your parties and only require the use of a nearby outlet or extension cord.

If you do a lot of hosting or enjoy having company over for bonfires, you need a well-lit space in your backyard. You can use a combination of light strands, lanterns, fire pits and candles to create the ambiance and glow needed to be functional and decorative at the same time.


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