How To Prepare Your Lawn For The Hurricane Season

How To Prepare Your Lawn For The Hurricane Season

Hurricanes are devastating because of the strong winds. These winds can pick up objects, blow off tree branches and knock down trees. If you want to limit damage around your residential property, then you have to remove hazards from your yard. Read on to find out how to prepare your lawn for the hurricane season.


Cut Back Tree Branches

Most homeowners enjoy the shade that trees provide in their yard. However, it can get a little uncomfortable when the tree branches are hanging over your house. These branches are a risk to your rooftop and residential property. If a strong wind comes along, then the branches could fall on your roof or a fence.

You will need to call in a professional Butler tree service. An amateur can make one wrong cut and the branch can land on your roof.


Inspect Your Shrubs

Many homeowners add shrubs for curb appeal. Tree shrubs come in a variety of sizes. However, these plants can get pretty beat up under stormy conditions. You want to check your shrubs for damage and rotting roots and branches. Dead branches are more likely to fall during windy weather. If you make cuts on your shrubs, then the cutting wounds should be small as possible. You do not want to make your shrubs unhealthy. An unhealthy shrub will not withstand a storm, which means it should be removed.


Check Your Drainage Areas

The water from the storm usually flows into storm drains located along side your road. It cannot flow if the storm drains are clogged with debris. You want to check for debris and remove it. A clogged storm drain can cause even worse flooding.

If you get a tropical storm warning, then you will not have to do much lawn preparations. You can focus your time and energy on other needs for your family. It is important to not downplay the seriousness of a hurricane. This type of storm can cause a lot of physical damage.


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