Getting More Sunshine into Our Homes Helps Me with Seasonal Affective Disorder

Ever since I was a child I never liked the dark. I wasn’t afraid of it, I just would feel low or even depressed when the days were dark and gray. I liked the snow days when we lived up north, but the sun setting early and rising late affected my mood. All my life I craved the light, and I think this is why I gravitated toward getting orange county shutters for our home that my wife and I built. Fortunately, she is also one who likes to let the sunshine into the rooms of our home.

I have an uncle who keeps the windows closed and the curtains drawn in his house. He has a dark study with no windows at all. He likes the feeling that the cavelike space gives him, and he likes things such as dark paneling and subdued lighting. His wife jokes that he lives like a vampire, but she is no fan of sun-filled rooms herself. Not us. We like to get up to the sunlight filling our bedroom. The plantation shutters let us fully control the light coming in. We can make it dark like my uncle likes it, or we can make the room bright and cheery.

The more light I get during the day, the better I feel. I enjoy fall and early winter, but the middle of winter when the sun seems so far away can be depressing to me. I actually use one of those lamps that are used to provide the spectrum of sunlight to help people with Seasonal Affective Disorder during the winter months when the days are very gray. The shutters we have help us get all the light we can into the house both winter and summer. It really makes a difference to me. My wife does not have S.A.D. She just enjoys the sunshine.


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