Distinct Features of Genuine Cowhide Rugs

Distinct Features of Genuine Cowhide Rugs
All homeowners occasionally decide to enhance and update the existing decor in their dwelling. If you have decided to complete some remodeling or makes changes, it is the perfect time to consider the addition of a decorative, attractive cowhide rug. Such rugs can revitalize the appearance of any room in your home and they blend well with virtually any interior design. In addition, they not only offer exceptional longevity, but are also far more stain resistant than carpets and rugs made from traditional, synthetic materials. These and other benefits make such rugs a worthwhile investment. Below are just a few of their unique characteristics:


A Cowhide Rug Adds Warmth
Cowhide rugs can be used to great advantage in essentially any area of a home that needs a warm touch or any room a in which you wish to create a cozy ambiance. They are perfect for cabins and rustic homes, but also add a touch of warmth to dwellings featuring modern, traditional, trendy, eclectic or contemporary decor. They are an especially good choice in areas featuring hardwood floors, as they reduce wintry drafts and create an inviting focal point for the room.


Unique Appeal
The prints and patterns featured on genuine cowhide rugs are always natural, and as such, they add a visual interest to any area where they are used. Because no two cowhides are exactly alike, each rug has a distinct appearance unlike any other. Amongst the many different colours and prints are speckled patterns, mottled or spotted designs, and unique patterns that do not quite fit any category. Colours range from brown and white or black and white, to gray or solid colors. You may even opt for a patchwork cowhide rug that has an unusual appeal all its own. Additionally, the surprising plushness of their one-of-a-kind texture is an enviable feature that is simply not offered by carpets manufactured from conventional materials.


Multiple Uses for a Cow Rug
A cow hide rug can also be used as a decorative item, as opposed to one that is merely functional. For instance, if you cannot find an attractive piece of art to fill an empty space on the wall or you are simply having a difficult time finding wall accessories that you like, you can use your cowhide rug as an decorative hanging. In fact, you can use such rugs as ornamental wall hangings in more than one room, as there is an essentially limitless number of colours and patterns from which to choose.
You should also consider draping rugs of this type over rocking chairs, dressers, chests, and even dining room chairs. Because of the soft texture of cowhides, they also work well as afghans for a bed or slipcovers for sofas or easy chairs. Cowhide rugs work well in children’s bedrooms also. Most youngsters find such rugs fun and interesting, and due to their exceptional durability, they are ideal for this particular use.


Shopping Tips
When shopping for rugs of this kind, do not limit yourself to just one, as cowhides can be used in so many different ways throughout your home. Consider investing several to use in traditional ways, as well as additional rug or two for use as a chair cover or wall ornament. Ultimately, regardless of the specific patterns and colours you find appealing, the ideal cowhide rugs can be found for your home. Visit City Cows website to learn more.


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