Every family would want to have a dream home, whether it is a type of minimalist or standard. But a decent house is a house that has a complete room, including one of which is the kitchen. Kitchen layout or Kitchen set has an important role in a house because the kitchen is a place to store and process food. To serve a healthy and nutritious food quality, then the design kitchen set should also be healthy. Unhealthy kitchen sets will have an effect on the growth of bacteria and viruses that can harm the inhabitants of the house. Kitchen equipment sets have tools that have large power sources and fuel-sensitive gas. Health and safety of the kitchen set should be considered so as not to threaten the health and safety of the family. Here are the tips for a healthy kitchen set and safe for your family.

Eve settings

The kitchen set area must be ensured to have good air circulation. The position of the doors and windows should have a cross-cutting concept between the two opposite plane walls. Good air ventilation will be able to produce quality air. Steam from the cooking process can change with fresh air. This alternating air will avoid the occurrence of unpleasant odors and the incidence of poisoning from food fumes or from gas stoves or NO2 (nitrogen dioxide). In addition to adequate ventilation, can also use the steam drain to help the air exchange from the kitchen set room with fresh air. But keep in mind that this steam drainage must also always be treated and cleaned regularly to remove dust-dirt, so as not to interfere with the smooth exchange of air in the kitchen area.


There are two types of lighting, natural and artificial lighting. Natural lighting is needed in the kitchen set room, because natural lighting can kill the seeds of bacteria and avoid kitchen set occupied by animals such as insects, rats, etc. The second is artificial lighting or lights. This artificial lighting is necessary for lighting during food processing, usually at night. Try to install the lights should fit, meaning not dim and not too glare. Lighting that is too dim and too bright will interfere with eye performance and can become tired quickly.


Kitchen set consists of several parts, namely: bottom cabinet, top, wall, refrigerator cabinet, dispenser, etc. Each section has different material usage. For upper and lower cabinets use multiplex materials because this material is durable, waterproof compared to particle board materials. The upper part there are many options, but must be heat resistant, waterproof, and easy to clean. Materials commonly used for top kitchen set is of concrete wrapped with ceramic finishing. Material for other kitchen top set is material of marble and granite. The price of this material is expensive because the impression of luxury and elegance, but the material is more secure and recommended for the requirements of the top kitchen set. Other materials commonly used for finishing kitchen set is a layer of HPL, melasmic spray, and spray paint. The choice depends on budget, beauty, tidiness, aesthetics you want.


If you have electronic equipment such as refrigerators, dishwasher, and microwave, use it efficiently. Such electronic equipment requires enormous electrical energy and may result in the effects of electromagnetic radiation. Should place the microwave and oven away from the reach of children. Keep the stove with the window so that the flame is not blowing in the wind and the window curtain does not lead to a flame. Use cutlery from ceramic or porcelain materials. Do not use plastic materials because chemicals found in plastics can contaminate food.

Cleanliness and security

Remove waste from the cooking process once a day. Rubbish that is not disposed of more than a day, potentially cultivating unhealthy bacteria. Reduce the use of insect spray drugs in the kitchen area, but if forced to spray insecticide, when using it make sure the ventilation is opened wide. Maintain the cleanliness of the kitchen area or kitchen set is a very important part to maintain the health of all family members.

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