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The Importance of Brand Value and Origin of Luxury Brands

Our market today is flooded with luxury fashions and accessories that are carrying a wide number of brands using campaigns and promotions that are strong. Researchers have found out that a certain country of origin that could be foreign to an area could carry a prestigious connotation, and that the luxury brands in this country are spending a big chunk of their financial budget just to build the image of their brands.

It is observed that consumers would take the cues from the brands to decide where to belong in their luxurious consumption and thus they are influenced with these cues in deciding what to purchase. Plus, the cues developed by these brands would have an impact on the level of consumption of their products in the market since there is a wider understanding about the brand.

In the past years, marketing experts are intrigued about the topic of luxury consumption, and so they are looking into brand origin and brand image as the so-called management controlling factors to impact this issue.

To have ideas on these management controlled factors can optimize consumer expectations, there are questions to be asked to gain knowledge, like what are the effects of branding cues such as brand origin and brand image on buying intentions, and if the developed and emerging markets will be impacted with these.

By providing answers to the issues stated above will help researchers and managers to know whether it is worth or not to allot a big budget to develop these brand image. With the answers too of these issues, one can determine the kind of standardization and adaptation needed in order to be able to promote these luxury brands in the different markets.

With the above goal in mind, there are studies conducted in some brand country origins that are structured quantitative survey.

According to the results from researches, the consumer intention to buy luxury brands would take the cues of the brand origin in the context of luxury purchase intentions and this is further because of the nature of the competition and the market. With the information from brand origin, these mass markets are increasingly aware of the availability of global luxury brands.

The next finding that researchers have found that would influence consumer purchases is the brand image, which provide connections between interpersonal influences and that of the luxury brand. The study further implies that individuals would show a higher self-brand connection if the brand image is associated with the social group of the people. Thus, these brand cues again have proven that brand building has a big role in luxury brands.

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