7 Tips for Choosing the Best Study Lamp for the Eyes and Home

What kind of study lights do you use at home? Are you sure the lamp you chose is right? Is that also good for your health? The questions above are very necessary to ask even before you should buy a study lamp for your home. Although this device seems trivial, there are still considerations that must be taken before deciding. The selection of the right light is very important because it will affect your health, especially eye health. You can find the best lamp according to your needs and according to the interior design of your room at the Flos.
In addition, there are still many other factors that must be considered, from the price to the technology they have. Well, for more details, let’s follow the tips on choosing the best study lights below so that the house is comfortable and the eyes are safe.

1. Adjust Size to Requirement

You must already know that there are so many sizes of study lights, from super small sizes to super large sizes that are all available. Not to mention if you consider the lamp design, there are simple, minimalist, there is also a super luxury. However, a sure way to choose the best study lamp is to adjust the lamp size and your needs. Compare the lamp you will choose with the area of ​​the room, the size of the table, and the high and low lighting produced.


2. Equipped with a Flexible Buffer

There are times when you get bored with the look of your study table and want to rearrange it so that the atmosphere is newer, right? This is where the benefits of learning lights will be felt to be very large to make it easier when setting up as desired. So make sure you choose a lamp model that is equipped with a flexible stand so you can easily adjust the height and position.


3. Made of Quality Material

What material is the best for learning lamps? Iron, copper, wood or plastic? Before deciding this, make sure you understand that the light will produce heat energy, aka heat that can travel. To minimize this risk, be sure to only choose lamps made of iron which are coated with insulating material. The iron material was chosen because it is very durable and insulating material is used to protect the heat propagation of the lamp and prevent it from exploding.


4. Have a Good Reflector

A reflector is the main and most important attribute of a learning lamp. As the name suggests, this main attribute serves to reflect or reflect light from the lamp to the destination object. Choose the best light from the reflected light it produces. The brighter the reflection, the better the reflector used.


5. Healthy Light Quality

Lighting quality is very important, even because the importance of light quality can affect eye health. The light that is too bright or too dark is not good for the eyes because it will make the eyes easily tired and easily damaged. It’s a good idea to choose a study lamp whose lighting can be adjusted to the eye conditions and room conditions.


6. Dimmer Features Available

This feature is an important feature that is very closely related to the factors explained earlier. Dimmer is a light intensity control feature that can be used to dim or illuminate the beam of light. Fortunately, there are currently many learning lighting products that are equipped with dimmer features that you can easily get on the market.


7. Choose Energy Saving Lamps

Even though the study lamp that you have is of good quality and has advanced features, it’s not complete if it’s not energy efficient. No matter how big the lamp’s power, if it is equipped with an energy-saving feature it will definitely be able to save on the electricity consumption used. The best choice of energy-saving lamps is the LED type of lamp because it can produce bright light with low electricity consumption.


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