3 Reasons Why Homeowners Invest in Lake Aerators

Properties that include lakes are so popular they are often selling features. However, new homeowners quickly find their personal water features need attention to prevent them from becoming unsightly and even unhealthy. Fortunately, it is possible to find aeration equipment specially designed for lakes. Customers can visit sites like livingwateraeration.com and view lake aerators in a variety of styles, sizes, and price ranges. Once the equipment is installed, lake water becomes clearer and healthier for plant and animal life. Aerators can also create beautiful effects.

Lake Aerators Eliminate Algae and Unpleasant Odors

Most homeowners realize they need an aerator after noticing lake water is covered in algae and has a foul odor. These problems are caused by stagnant water that is the ideal home for algae to bloom in the sunlight. Odors are caused by sulfide gas forming on bottom water. Suppliers sell aeration systems designed to solve these problems in lakes of all sizes. An aerator creates an eye-catching display as it sprays water into the air. The process circulates and adds oxygen to water, discouraging algae growth. Oxygenation also reduces sulfide gas.

Fish and Plants Thrive in Aerated Water

Left alone, lake water tends to stratify, or develop layers of different temperatures. The result can be oxygen depletion that may kill fish. However, an aerator pulls water up, sprays it, gathers oxygen, and breaks up thermal layers. Oxygen-rich water creates an ideal habitat for plant and fish life. As a bonus, the process helps reduce mosquito populations. The insects lay their eggs on the water’s surface. When water is disrupted during aeration, mosquito habitats are destroyed.

Aeration Minimizes Bottom Sediment

Organic matter decomposes slowly in lakes with low oxygen levels. Without interference, the matter becomes sediment that builds up on lake bottoms until it needs to be removed through dredging. The oxygen introduced by aeration encourages matter to decompose and can prolong or prevent the need to dredge sediment.

Homeowners with lakes on their properties keep them healthy by installing aerators. Aeration equipment creates a beautiful display as it circulates water and introduces oxygen into water. Increased oxygen levels encourage the decomposition of organic matter and make lakes healthier habitats for fish and plants.


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