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Tips to Eradicate pests in your Home without using Harmful Substance

If you are having an event in your home and a cockroach or ant decides to appear on your food, this will really ruin the event entirely. Although you can easily get rid of these pests by using pesticides, the chemicals coming from the pesticides contain products that are unhealthy especially to your children. You cannot deny the fact that this is actually an alarming scenario that is why people are already looking for alternative means to control pests the natural way.

During summer, you cannot deny the fact that ants are just everywhere. You can see them on your tables, cabinets, and just anywhere in your home. For you to prevent their widespread, you need to find out where they came from or their entrance. Once you discover the spot, all you need to do is to create a barrier by simply spreading citrus oil, coffee grounds, or cayennes pepper all of the area. This way, ants will not try to pass over the items. But if they are already in your home, your other option to prevent them from spreading is to place garlic cloves, spearmint leaves o cucumber peels on the areas where they are found. The reason of this is that these items are actually known for being ant’s repellant. If you are done inside your home, the next is to control the outdoor infestations. To manage the outdoor infestation, ant hills’ entrance must be sprinkled with cornmeal so that the ants will eat them and then they will die after a week because they cannot actually digest the cornmeal.

Another type of pest this is somehow considered to be the one of the most annoying ones are cockroaches and they, too, have natural pest control remedy. To repel cockroaches, you can actually place catnips in areas where they are often found hiding. To kill a population of these cockroaches, all you need to do is have a piece of bread soaked in beer and once it is soaked, place it where the cockroaches can reach it and once they eat it, they will die because they are unable to digest beer. You can also spray the cockroach with soapy water because soapy water is able to break the exoskeleton of the cockroach causing it to die within minutes.

There is also natural pest control for mosquitoes. You can actually prevent mosquitoes from infestation by just maintaining the cleanliness of you r home and avoid creating their habitat such as standing water from your yard or basins without cover. If you want to go outside, you can actually repel mosquitoes by rubbing a solution to your skin that has at least thirty percent eucalyptus content.