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The Work of Bail Bond Agencies

Immigration bonds are not a common topic in discussions of bail bonds. Unless you are an immigrant, there is no need to concern yourself with immigration bonds, or an immigration bond agency, which specializes in this kind of bond. Natural citizens have no need for the services of the Immigration and Naturalization Service, commonly abbreviated as INS when you find yourself needing to be bailed out of a problem.

Immigration bonds are disbursed only by the Department of Immigration and Naturalization Service to bail bond agents whose clientele includes immigrants to the United States. Not any attorney license can do this.

These bonds are only given out to a bail agency by the INS, who has proven capable of handling the inner workings and risks associated with immigrants. There are immigrants from some countries which are notorious for running, which usually tasks the bond enforcement agent to go after them.

There are two ways in which a bond can be posted. In the first method, the immigrant will give out the total bail sum in cash. On the other hand, a bail agency steps in to guarantee the bond on behalf of the immigrant, who will face a percentage of the bond as the charge for the provision of that service.

When it is established that the immigrant is more likely to run, the bond will be set at a higher rate. This makes the percentage of the charge higher. Remember that the service charge is not to be returned in any case. There is usually no problem when the immigrant shows up on the appointed court date.

There is a factor to consider when dealing with the INS. The arrest of an immigrant does not guarantee their automatic deportation. This is usually dictated by the level of criminal activity in questions, and whether the immigrant is in the country legally or illegally.

In case they happen to be in the country illegally, it is almost certain they will be deported back to their home country. Immigrants enjoy the same right as any other citizen of being innocent till it is proven otherwise.

Since immigration bonds have special conditions attached to them, they are usually drafted by people who understand the rules of the Immigration and Naturalization Service. Part of the work of the INS is to help the immigrants in their efforts to find a suitable agency and lawyer in their bail bond issues, who will assist them in setting u the bond when there is need to.

If you are an immigrant and need such help, aim to get the right lawyer on your side. The most ideal place to start your search is at the INS offices. Their job is to help immigrants receive the assistance they require, so as to stand a chance of a fair trial.

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