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The Need for a Proper Bike Lock

A lot of people use bikes these days, it’s way easier to travel within the city and you can avoid traffic. Quite a few of these bike owners have come back to their bike parking spot to see that their bike is no longer there, stealing bikes is quite easy without the right lock. There are a lot of different bike locks around the market that you can choose from but you have to know that some can be picked easily. In a bike theft area like yours, your best bet to coming home with your bike will have to be buying the best and most durable bike lock around. A thin cable lock is probably fine for a town with minimal crime.

But with an area filled with crime, your thin cable lock can be easily cut down by a bolt cutter. Some people borrow bikes without asking and returns it the day after but with a thin cable lock, that will be enough to prevent those casual types of thefts. When you visit a more theft prone area, make sure you brought with you a steel U-lock which is quite durable, all you have to do is put it in your frame and around the front tires and around a pole or something that is strong and is not moving. Make sure that you are also bringing with you an extra U-lock for extreme places, this will add protection by locking the rear wheel as well. You can just put some additional cable or even better, take the bike with you if you do not want it to be stolen.

Your bike seat can be stolen as well, that is why you should think about locking that down with cable. You can replace your seat with something that will need an allen wrench so that it will not be stolen together with the chained down bike you have right around the corner. People should know that good bike locks do not come cheap. But it is a much better investment than to buy another bike, a lock and a bike will have a huge price difference. If you have no clue about the current bike situation in the area, go ask some people around. You will have to go straight to the local bike shop and ask there, there will be some information about owners coming back to buy a new bike because the last one got stolen.

The sooner you get to know the current situation there, the sooner you can start protecting your bike, you can buy the needed items to prevent theft and avoid spending money on a new bike.

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