Stages in Construction of House Buildings

Stages in Construction of House Buildings

Building a house, of course, requires stage-resistance so that the house can stand as it should. Especially for those of you who have just decided to build a house, chances are that you have many questions about what to do. For those of you who want to build a house, you need to know that the process of building a house requires a lot of time, effort and cost. In addition, there are still many things that you must consider. Well, this time we will discuss the stages in building a house for example, as was done by building contractors Edinburgh. What are the stages in the construction of a house? To find out more, the following:

Making foundation

The initial stage in the construction of house building is to make a foundation. Before this foundation work is done, of course you have to multiply the soil first. How strong the desired foundation depends on the depth that is excavated by you for the foundation. The foundation must be adjusted to the original plan and must be adjusted. To get a straight foundation, you can use tools in the form of threads. With this thread, you will follow it. In addition, to make the foundation a river of stones or rocks is needed to make it stronger by adding mortar and sand. Making a foundation can fail when the weather does not support it like rain, because the excavation of the soil will be filled with water. Therefore, it is better when the weather looks like it is raining to cover the part to be grounded. Likewise, when it has been grounded to cover it so that it is not exposed to rainwater.

Make the roof of the house

The next step that must be done after the house looks almost finished is to make the roof of the house. To make the roof of a house to finish quickly, it is better to do it through mutual cooperation. Well, to make it easier to make a house roof with quick results is to use a lightweight steel roof. Using a lightweight steel roof is easier and results faster. It is different with you using wood as a medium for roofing houses such as lath wood and rafter which has very heavy weights so it requires approximately 3 people to lift it. The stage of making the roof is very important so it is not too hot and it is raining. To do this, it is better to be more careful so that there are no defects that leak.

Plastering the walls

No less important after the stage of making the foundation is complete and making the roof, the next step is to do plaster on the wall to make it look better. To get a neat and smooth wall, of course you have to do plastering and chewing work. To get a smooth stucco, you should use good sand and cement. Fine sand and branded cement. Using fine sand, you will get good stucco results. To get a good stucco result, you should do it evenly, not to drop it, consider also the thickness of the plaster, and do more or less watering for one week so that cracks do not occur on the wall.

Floor the house

After plastering then floor the bottom. Flooring the house is the same as doing plastering, the material used is also the same namely cement and sand. To get a smooth floor without using ceramics, of course you have to do it. To get a smooth acian, of course a lot of cement is needed. If you decide to floor the house by installing ceramics, you should not carry out a vandalism first.

Thus the stages in the construction of a house. If you decide to use the services of architects and contractors, you should not let go of your hands, but try to look at the work once in a while.


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