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How to Select an SR22 Insurance Company

Choosing an SR22 insurance company can be a daunting task. For starters, there’s quite a lot of them nowadays, not to mention they’re hardly created equal. Hence, before you choose one, make sure it is the right one.

Certainly, there are certain considerations to be reviewed just before you make a choice. First off, the company’s reputation. It’s easy to find out about any company today: go online and read customer reviews. But you need to choose credible sources or you will end up in the wrong direction. Stick to popular consumer websites (Angie’s List, Yelp, etc.) instead of marketing websites which are naturally biased.

Client References

Asking for client references is a crucial step as you decide on an SR22 insurance company. Besides, you can’t beat talking to people who have experienced what it’s like dealing with the provider. The idea here is the same as reading reviews, but of course, it’s different when you can actually have a conversation with someone. Besides the insurance product itself, you should also inquire about the quality of customer service that the company provides. Obviously, this is something vital for you to look into. When all else is equal, customer service is where the difference lies among different providers. There’s no need to be an actual client to gauge how good or bad customer service is from a certain company. Call them and make an inquiry and observe how they respond.


While cost should never be the primary consideration for picking an SR22 insurance company, it is a big factor nonetheless in this kind of decision. When you know how much the cost will be and how much you can afford, you are able to make a responsible financial decision. As you look into cost, make comparisons among various providers too. In fact, there is no other way of finding out if an offer you are made is as practical or affordable as you are told it is.

On the other hand, you have to keep in mind that what is cheap is not always right for you. With cheap insurance comes cheap protection, so when you actually need your coverage, you will end up shelling out a large amount of cash. Which is basically defeating the very purpose of being insured.

Financial Stability

Finally, research the company’s financial stability before deciding to buy your SR22 insurance from them. Besides, you want your claims when you need them. This is probably the most crucial issue that you have to research about a certain company. Getting insurance from a provider that is not financially well positioned is synonymous with wasting money.

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