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What to Look for in an Identity and Access Management Provider

Identity and access management is the most vital aspect in the cybersecurity platform. Settling on the convenient provider for your enterprise is a demanding task. If you make the mistake of choosing a provider who is not fit and right for your company, it will be hard and costly to make changes. Worry not as this article will assist you in making the right decision. Here are some of the factors you have to consider when looking for an identity and access management provider.

Be knowledgeable on the reasons why you need an identity and access management provider. Without knowledge on what you need, it would be hard for the provider to know what should be done. You should know what you are interested in, whether it is to know the true identity of people checking your network or to be informed on your super-users and their credentials. As much as many identity solution providers have their own IAM and IGA products, they will provide them according to their capabilities and the areas that need to be focused on. A number of them have their own biometric authentication capabilities. This gives you more reasons why you need to know the areas that need emphasis so as to narrow down the choices.

Get to know the desired security levels needed for your identities. Those who value their digital security is not advised to prioritize frictionless user usage over their own safety. However, if your enterprise needs customer identity and access management to be part of its IAM, it is advisable to ensure that the user experience is as smooth as possible. According to research, too much friction indicates that you have no idea of what you truly value for your business. You should, therefore, know how much friction the employees and users will be able to deal with before they resolute to choosing other businesses.

Decide on the number of identities to be secured. If you have B2B enterprise, you need to consider the third parties that may need to access your IT environment. Find out how many third parties will access your network in a given day, week or month. At the same time, remember that some of the major breaches that have occurred were because hackers infiltrated a third party.

You have to inquire on the flexibility of the IAM provider. First of all, determine the rate at which the business is growing and its probability of changing over time. Find out if there will be a major change if new people and third parties are brought in the enterprise. Choose an identity solution that will be willing to accommodate you even when the business will decide to shift focus.

The Key Elements of Great Identity

The Key Elements of Great Identity


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