New Basement Spaces

The basement is like a blank canvas when it comes to remodeling and the designs that are available. A contractor can offer advice about how the basement can be designed and any kind of structural changes that might need to occur before the space is used as a functional room for the family. A basement remodeling Northern VA company can perform the changes that need to be made and also add a few decorative touches if you aren’t sure how to proceed with the project. Think about what type of space is needed for the family aside from an empty basement.

If you like to entertain, then turn your basement into a game room and entertainment center. One half of the basement can be transformed into a movie area with comfortable chairs and a large screen on the wall. Install a bar and stools as well as a wine cabinet, refrigerator, and other details so that everyone can enjoy a snack or drink while in the room. You can also include a pool table or other games that your family or your guests will enjoy.

Create a quiet living room area in the basement with bright walls, comfortable seating, and a fireplace. A portion of the basement can be used for eating. This design would be ideal if you have a large family and want to have enough space for everyone to sit and relax for special events. When you’re remodeling your basement, you need to think about the acoustics and the type of flooring that you want to use. Most basements have a concrete floor, which is beneficial because it’s a sturdy base for either laminate, hardwood or carpet. Use brighter colors on the walls and with the furniture that you select because the basement will be darker than other rooms in the home because of a lack of windows. However, if you’re creating a den or an entertainment room, then you might want to use recessed lighting and warmer colors to create a relaxing environment compared to one that’s stimulating. Add details to the room that are welcoming so that you don’t feel like you’re still in an underground area of the home.


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