Maintaining and Repairing Your Heating System

Keeping you and your family comfortably warm when the weather turns chilly is essential to staying happy and in good health. Your HVAC system needs regular maintenance and repairs to provide you with the most extended life possible.

Seasonal Demands on Heating Systems

Tampa enjoys a great deal of warm weather all year long but there are times that the heaters come in handy to deal with strong cold fronts. Most quality HVAC systems are designed to last 20 years or more. As the years roll on by and the seasons change, there will come a time that repairs are necessary for safe and efficient operation. The best thing you can do for your heating system is to get it set for a regular maintenance and check-up program.

Routine Maintenance Services

Ideally, your HVAC system should have a check-up as the significant season’s change, and you switch from requiring heat to air conditioning. A change of the filter and cleaning will keep the system working more efficiently. All aspects and parts of the system are looked over for wear and tear, with all recommended repairs performed quickly.

Thermostat Problems

Thermostat technology has advanced at what seems the speed of light. What is sold today is far advanced from what has been marketed a few years ago. What is sold ten years from now will seem even more advanced than products now. Upgrading the thermostat can bring more efficiency to your HVAC unit. Changing the thermostat is needed if it quits functioning to help you adjust the temperature, or turn the system on and off.

Ineffective Heating and Small Repair Needs

Ineffective heat levels can sometimes happen from the breakdown of smaller parts, such as the blower fan. A regular maintenance program will detect these problems faster and might even keep you from suffering an emergency breakdown.

Heater Replacement

If your heater is past 15 years old and increasingly having serious breakdowns, it might need replacing. It is especially true if the repairs exceed 10 percent of the cost of a new unit. Updating to a new HVAC system will bring you even better energy efficiency.

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