I Think There’s Finally A New Vaporizer In Town

I Think There’s Finally A New Vaporizer In Town

    For so many years ever since long before vaporizing cannabis was a popular practice, I considered the Volcano by Storz and Bickel the best possible vaporizer money could buy for overall performance. It’s just such a great experience sharing a big bag full to the brim with delicious cannabis vapors, and since you’re inhaling it in such a clean way it tastes unlike anything you could imagine. That is, until now I think. After trying a FlowerPot one time I have no problem saying it is hands down the best vaporizer that’s been created to date, in my opinion of course. I know that’s a bold statement so I’ll lay out my reasons of course.



    Part of the fun of a Volcano is the signature bag that you can fill until it’s opaque with a potent cloud of vapor. This unique process is automatically associated to the Volcano now and everybody knows that if you take care of your unit from Storz and Bickel it will never fail you since the parts are reliable and high quality. The FlowerPot has come along and created a brand new unique and original experience. They’ve gone away from the popular trend of portable or simple devices, and produced a device which is perfect for experienced smokers of all forms of THC. A powerful e-nail is powered by a battery unit (and it looks gorgeous with hemp rope wrapped around the handle too) and you use the e-nail to directly heat dry herb in the bowl of any traditional bong. This lets you vape through a bong so you get even smoother and tastier hits. On top of that, you can vaporizer concentrates at the same time since the top of the e-nail has space for your dabs while you hit your bowl of flower.

    Not Convinced It’s The Best Vaporizer Yet?


    Well, check out some videos and see how many vape critics vouch for the high quality parts. A whole kit with the e-nail and a glass bong, along with adapters for any bong size and some dabbing tools, only costs 600$ which is the same price as a brand new Volcano. If you’re skeptical, try to find a store you could try one at, but I guarantee it’s a literal face melting and mind blowing experience.


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