How to Maximize Your Space in a Studio Apartment

If your budget is tight, and you can’t yet afford one of the luxurious custom homes Phoenix, then you might decide that a studio apartment fits all of your lifestyle needs, while being easy on your wallet. However, most of the time, a studio apartment is a huge, single room, where you can move your furnishings in specific locations to give the appearance of sectioned rooms. But how can you maximize and organize the space in your studio apartment? Read on for tips.

Bring Up a Mental Image of Your Apartment Floorplan [include Doors]

Before you move in, make a mental note of how big and open your studio apartment is. Take pictures if you have to, but you should have a clear mental floorplan of doors, bathrooms, and the space that you will occupy most of the time. This mental picture will help you visualize where you can organize and maximize your studio apartment.

Separate Your Kitchen, Bedroom, and Living Room with Furniture and Colors

Long couches, bookshelves, wooden organizers—all of these furnishings can be used to separate and distinguish one room from another, even if you have no wall barriers to do so. If you want a distinct kitchen, living room, and bedroom, use your furniture to create the illusion of sections, giving you ample space to design each section as a room.

Create Your Own Walls for Privacy

Or, if you would prefer not to use your furnishings as boundaries, hang curtains to create your own privacy walls around your bedroom area. Use angled, connective rods, then find colorful curtains that match both your décor and your personality. Sure, these provide zero sound proof, but it does give you the illusion of privacy without installing floor-to-ceiling dry wall.

Double-Purpose Furniture is a Space-Saving Go-To

For organizational purposes, double-purpose furniture is a go-to space saver, especially for a studio apartment. For example, you could invest in a sofa bed, where the couch rolls out into a comfy bed. Voila—living room to bedroom in moments. Or, you could custom make bookshelf barstools with sturdy wood. Put shelves into a barstool, then throw a cozy cushion on top for sitting.

The best use of a studio apartment comes with a minimalistic, simple lifestyle. Why? Because the less clutter you have, the more space you have, and the less belongings you have to worry about organizing. So, to truly maximize the space within your studio apartment, try to adopt a simple, minimal lifestyle, where you simply need the essentials to get by and be happy.


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