Difference between wrought iron and aluminum fences

Difference between wrought iron and aluminum fences

At the beginning you should know that there isn’t much difference that will make you sure which one to choose. You will have a clue when you know the difference between these two and look at your project needs, so you can see what suits you perfect.

The area you want to place the fence and how much you are willing to invest in it is going to also determine which material you are going to choose. It is always smart to contact a fencing company for advice for your aluminum or wrought iron fencing.


The best way to compare the looks of these two materials for our fence is to try to make the same type of fence. Not the whole thing, just the spike on the post. You will notice they look fairly similar. The only thing that looks different is the way that railing is attached to the spike. On the aluminum, you will notice that it has a taller rail with a screw securing the picket to the rail. On the iron rail, you will notice that there are no screws and it is shorter.

So, in terms of looks it is a draw, but sometimes you need to use a lighter material for your design in which case you will choose aluminum.


What usually we hear when it comes to aluminum and iron fencing is dealing with rust. One thing we want to make clear, when it comes to aluminum, if you scrape it to bare metal it won’t rust. It is just the properties of aluminum are such that it won’t rust if exposed to air. If you do take iron and scrape it down to bare metal it is going to rust, however, there are sprays you can use to protect it.

In this case, aluminum has that advantage that if you scrape it, it won’t rust. You don’t need to take care of it as much as iron. But this shouldn’t make you choose aluminum because there are many ways to maintain wrought iron. Read more on this link.

Strength and durability

There isn’t much conversation to go through about this. For sure, your iron pieces are going to be stronger than your aluminum. It is just in the nature of steel and iron being more heavy-duty. You will also notice this when the pieces are made. For iron pieces, you will notice that they have the railing welded solid to it, so it is one continuous piece. For aluminum, it is also fed through the rail but it is held with a screw. So, while still secures on the aluminum, the iron is going to be fully welded one solid piece for construction strength.

The other thing to keep in mind is that just because the iron piece is stronger doesn’t mean that the aluminum piece is necessarily inferior. It just means that when push comes to shove the aluminum is going to bend first before the iron does. Also, the weight of steel and iron is more than aluminum.

Ease of installation

If you read any of the installation guides, you can see that there is a difference in installing these two. With iron piece, you are going to secure your fence panel through your post by using a bracket and a self-tapping screw. If you look at the aluminum, it fits inside the post and it is being held on the outside of the screw. With you iron you have to set your posts, let them dry, then go back and hang your panels. With your aluminum posts, you are going to put them in, connect the fence into them all at the same time.

Both aluminum and iron are pretty easy and straightforward to work with when it comes to installation. So, in this case we won’t give advantages to any material.

With this said, you can’t be sure which one to choose just by looking at these advantages. If you need a strong fence you should not look away from aluminum. If you are worried about maintenance, you should not look away from iron. The smartest way to choose which is best for you is to look at your project and check what suits you the best.


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