A Guide to Garage Flooring

A Guide to Garage Flooring

In many homes, garage flooring is the same. Since the 1920s, the most common flooring in a garage is unfinished concrete. Don’t be fooled, however. This isn’t the only type of Chicago garage flooring. In fact, there are many different types of flooring available. Before you start to look for new flooring, he’s your guide to garage floors.

Garage Flooring Options

In order to decide on the right flooring, you need to know all of the options. Here are some of the more popular garage floor options available:

  • Stained concrete
  • Polyaspartic coating
  • Interlocking or modular tiles
  • Porcelain tiles
  • Rubberized mats
  • Vinyl
  • Epoxy coating

How to Choose the Right Option

The right garage floor is completely up to you. You need to consider several factors before you make your decision. First, you need to think about your budget. The best thing that you can do to adhere to a budget is to get a solid estimate. Narrow down the flooring that you like the best to determine which would be more affordable.

Next, you need to think about what the floor needs to handle. If you work on cars often, then you might want to think about modular tiles, due to their oil, antifreeze and chemical resistance. If you live in areas more prone to flooding, then epoxy flooring might be a better option. Epoxy flooring even comes in a variety of patterns.

The idea behind picking the right floor is to look at the qualities of each and to consider what you need the floor to stand up against and how you want it to look.

When it comes down to it, there is no right or wrong flooring. The choice is completely up to the homeowner. If you use your garage for storage, versus using your garage for mechanic work, then you’re going to need a completely different type of flooring. All flooring is dependent on what you’re going to need it for and what your budget is.

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